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Recommended Sites

When it comes to poker, practice makes perfect. Finding the best sites to play online is just the start of the journey. Check out the list below.


Pokerstars is – even after the Black Friday events – the biggest online poker room in the world, with an average day attracting tens of thousands of players. Players can access a range of regular tournaments, not to mention sit n goes. This is considered to be one of the safest and secure sites in the world.

Most regular players will suggest that there are almost not negative aspects of Pokerstars. There is a great game selection, meaning that all players have something that suits their styles. There are weak players, but there are also sharks as well. The majority of people using Pokerstars can find themself in a winning position on a regular basis. Nothing is perfect, but Pokerstars certainly comes close, so is a card room that is certainly worth checking out before playing elsewhere.

Due to the Black Friday events, PokerStars had to abandon the US market.


Party Poker is another one of those poker rooms that is considered to be one of the best in the world. A lot of people use Party Poker, simply because they offer some excellent bonuses all round, meaning people can cash in almost instantly. They have recently been forced to remove themselves from the US market, but is still one of the strongest and most popular poker sites in the world, with its success growing year on year.

One thing that can be said about Party Poker is that it really does favour those people that have just started poker. For this reason, alot of people with experience go here in the hope to pick up some free chips. The only thing experienced players will miss out on are the newbie players only tables only. Bonuses of up to $500 can be credited at the time of a first deposit.

William Hill Poker

William Hill Poker is one of the oldest and largest bookmakers in the U.K., providing services offline and online since 1934. Now part of the iPoker network, traffic and promotions at William Hill are first rate.

William Hill operates in most European countries.

Cake Poker

Those that are experience will know all about Cake Poker. This site was launched back in 2006 and since then has come on leaps and bounds. With some of the best bonuses and promotions on the internet, it really does attract the average player. The great thing about Cake Poker is that it offers a great range of tournaments to all kinds of different players. Like a few other sites, Cake Poker still allows US players to take part, which is becoming more and more rare. People that really want to experience a great range of poker games will enjoy Cake Poker, courtesy of Cake Gaming.

More sites

There are plenty of other sites that are considered to be great in terms of game range of bonuses. For more poker sites have a look at our directory.