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EPT Vienna: 20 Year Old German Qualifier Wins

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Every on had to get up an hour early for the final day of the EPT in Vienna as daylight saving began (only in theory, not actually). Before the first card was dealt Daniel Negreanu was the chip leader and favourite for the money with a stack of $5,070,000. Konstantinos Nanos and Michael Eiler were within striking distance. Andreas Wiese and Martin Hruby were the short stacks with less than $1,000,000 apiece.

Daniel maintained his position through out the afternoon and at one stage had almost doubled his stack.

A little Hollywooding from Nanos brought some wry smiles to the table heading towards dinner time. A bet of $450,000 from the Greek was check called by Daniel which created a pot in excess of $2,000,000. Nanos leaned back, took off his sunglasses and started fiddling with his stack and then began to count out a bet. Daniel said 'Don't do anything crazy now; I might call a bet of 650,000. Nanos waited a little more and slowly slid $750,000 into the middle. Daniel folded.

Daniel the early leader, had been on the wrong end of some not quite so good cards for a while and in the last game before the meal break he went all in for $1,205,000. Martin Hruby checked the bet and the ace that turned for him was good enough to win, so Daniel's hopes of winning a triple crown were washed down the river.

After the dinner break the table, only three players are left, Konstantinos, Nanos and Michael Eiler who have stacks of just over $4,000,000 and Martin Hruby with $9,440,000. Eiler won the first two hands then Nanos won and Eiler picked up the next three; change was coming over the game.

The Nanos comeback was stopped by an all in bet by Hruby who flopped a pair of Kings to take the pot and send Nanos back to his waiting family.

Martin and Michael went head to head swapping the pot until Eiler called Martin's move for an effective $4,950,000 and doubled his stack. The two stacks were now equal.

In a strong betting hand Eiler flat called which Martin fell for and that gave Michael a stack of $11,900,000. A few hands later Hruby called all in for has last $3.9 million and Eiler flopped a diamond flush (just missing a royal) to give him the 700,000 euros first prize. Hruby played one of the best short stack games ever seen to come from second lowest stack to second highest.

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