.. the key to success in poker is in your hands.

Poker A-Z

You want a game of poker, right? We are going to play Texas hold’em, but before we get going, you should know the lingo.

Like if you turn up to the game and some one says you’re blind, you don’t hit him, all you do is put your hand in your pocket, drag out some cash and put it in front of you. You see, some one has to start the game and that person is the one next to the dealer.

But as the game hasn’t started yet, he hasn’t any cards and that is why he is called the blind – because he is betting blind.

Then everyone else gets their cards and after looking at them, start betting – if the cards look good – if not then they just fold (no they don’t collapse) they just hand their cards in to the dealer.

Now pay attention, because its important to know the following words and what they mean, It could mean the difference between having a pleasant afternoon playing cards and being tossed out on your ear.

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